The first visitors arrived at our guesthouse in autumn 2001 and the place became soon popular among those seeking privacy, good sauna and warmth of a fireplace.

A year later the two-storey hotel was opened, which is especially suitable for those who have come to Pedase for training, a company event or from city to spend a vacation in nature.

A secured parking lot for visitors is situated in front of the complex and a campsite is located in the meadow behind the buildings.

Wireless Internet is also available in the hotel building and conference halls.

The Hotel

Already at entrance of the two-storey hotel the beautiful and colourful interior catches your eye.

The hotel comprises 21 double rooms, 2 family rooms and one suite. A smaller conference hall with a separate room for coffee breaks is also situated on the ground floor.

All rooms are equipped with:

  • internal telephone lines, TV, shower/WC, WIFI

Comfortable hotel rooms with all modern conveniences accommodate 52 people in total.

The Guesthouse

The guesthouse is a pleasant place for celebrating birthdays, conducting company department events, class/course reunions or any other smaller events.

There are 6 quad rooms (three shower rooms and toilets in the hallway) in the guesthouse accommodating maximum of 24 people.

The necessary refreshment for the body and soul can be found in the sauna steam room with wood heating.

After pleasantly steaming oneself in the sauna, up to 20 people can cosily hang out by the cracking fire in the fireplace room.


There are two saunas in our buildings.

The guest sauna with an electric sauna heater is located in the hotel basement. Up to 4 people can sit on the sauna bench at the same time, the smaller front room accommodates up to 15 people.

The guesthouse has a wood heated steam sauna instead, which is generally intended for the use of the people who have rented the house. The fireplace room is slightly larger compared to the sauna front room, accommodating up to 20 people in total.